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Lafayette Mittelstand Capital acquires 4WHEELS Group, Germany's market leader for car wheel & tire services

Düsseldorf (March 2023)

Lafayette Mittelstand Capital acquired all shares of 4WHEELS Group. With the only nationwide service network, 4WHEELS is the market leader for car wheel & tire services, especially for storage and wheel & tire services such as cleaning, safety checks and wheel & tire balancing. 4WHEELS operates around 60 wheel hotels for more than 1,100 car dealerships and repair shops. Revenue has increased in recent years from EUR 30 million to current EUR 50 million. As part of the acquisition, additional working capital was made available by Lafayette Mittelstand Capital for the further growth of the 4WHEELS Group.

"The trust of our customers and our top quality standards from our teams continues to be the core of our growth strategy in the future. Growth via further expansion of service points as well as expansion into a wider range of services is essential for the future growth of the 4WHEELS Group" says Co-CEO Oliver Bussick.

“In addition to growth, there will be further investments in further automation of services such as wheel inspection, in order to be able to offer our customers additional added. Such investments should also make work easier for our own site teams," says Co-CEO Christian Mörtl

"We were able to convince ourselves of the added value of the 4WHEELS services for 4WHEELS customers as well as the unique selling propositions of 4WHEELS within the framework of an examination process lasting several months," says a spokesman for Lafayette, "We build on the expertise of the 4WHEELS team led by the two managing directors Oliver Bussick and Christian Mörtl and look forward to working together on the further growth path of 4WHEELS in the coming years".


4WHEELS is the market leader and specialist in wheel and tire storage and wheel service for entire vehicle fleets. We have been offering this service since 1999 through more than 60 Tire & Wheels Hotels® throughout Germany. Renowned car dealership groups and automobile manufacturers have been relying on our special competence for years: service for everything to do with tire & wheels.

The range extends from seasonal wheel management to the management of used parts. Around 500 employees look manage 60 services locations as well as entire car fleets of over 10,000 vehicles all year round. The outsourcing of indirect logistics and service processes offers our customers the opportunity to concentrate on their core business. 4WHEELS meets all the increasingly demanding regulatory requirements and environmental requirements and offer our customers a web-based, easy-to-integrate wheel management system.


PR contact for queries:

Kaistraße 6
40221 Düsseldorf

Tel. +49 211 - 90 60 90
Fax +49 211 - 90 60 91 11
Managing Directors: Oliver Bussick, Christian Mörtl


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