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Die Rudolf Dankwardt GmbH is a leading producer of cometics and natural cosmetics as liquids, aerosols, and emulsions for internationally leading brands.

R&D and production are based in two state-of-the-art plants in the proximity of Hamburg

Investment Date: Dec 2021 | Consumer Products

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PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH is an internationally renowned expert manufacturer of high-purity metals and their compounds for the electronics, solar and optical industries.

PPM's core business is the production of high purity metals, especially high purity arsenic and other special metals and partly their compounds

Investment Date: July 2020 | Technology & General Production

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Jurchen Technology specializes in manufacturing high-quality substructure and DC cabling for solar power plants.

Jurchen Technology supports customer’s projects through planning, construction, commissioning, and operation phases. Our team is highly specialized and focused on providing solar solutions since 2008 with a long history of redefining solar providing innovative, optimized, cost efficient substructure and DC cabling solutions.

Investment Date: July 2020 | Technology & General Production