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Lafayette takes over ACISO from the cooperative MIGROS Zurich | ACISO acquires Fitcompany | INJOY acquires ACTIC Germany

Munich (Feb 2022 | Mai 2022 | Mar 2023)

Lafayette Mittelstand Capital is acquiring ACISO Fitness & Health GmbH from the Migros Cooperative Zurich with retrospective effect from January 1, 2022. Lafayette confirmed the goals of ACISO Fitness & Health GmbH to develop the four existing business areas Elements Premium Fitness, Aciso Consulting, Injoy Franchise and FT Club Franchise sustainably and profitably. ACISO was "convinced that numerous new impulses will develop from the dialogue with Lafayette".

May 2022: ACISO Fitness & Health takes a stake in Munich-based FITCOMPANY GmbH. Fitcompany is a leading operator of corporate fitness facilities, company health management and physiotherapy services. According to CEO Thomas Nemmaier, the new pillar within ACISO offers the company a wide range of growth potential and strengthens it, especially in connection with its Germany-wide presence.

March 2023: INJOY Quality GmbH acquires 100% of Actic Fitness GmbH, including 21 German clubs and one Austrian club of the Actic brand with a total of around 21,000 members.

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Press Reports on the acquisition of Actic Fitness GmbH:

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